Zagreb / Šibenik, 8 – 10 May 2014.

Paper submission guidelines

Selected conference papers will be peer-reviewed for the publishing in the conference proceedings. Submitted papers must not be previously published or accepted for publishing in some other publication.

Submit your paper by e-mail to by 1 May 2014 at the latest. The following instructions are intended to help you prepare your paper.

Paper components

A paper consists of title, author(s) name(s) and affililation, abstract and keywords, text with optional illustrations (like tables and figures). Acknowledgments and appendixes are optional.

 Author(s) name(s) and affililation 

Include full names of all authors and full addresses for each of them. Indicate the corresponding author.


Use A4 page size (210 mm wide and 297 mm long). MS Word 12 point Times Roman font is recommended.

 Abstract and key words

The abstract should have 3000 – 4000 characters and present a concise statement of scope, principal findings, and conclusions of the paper. Send up to 5 key words or phrases.


Organise the text in sections and subsections (e.g. Introduction, Methods and Materials, Research Sample, Results, Discussion, Conclusions). Total paper length including text, graphics, and appendices should be 10 – 12 pages long.

 Figures and tables

All illustrations (photos, tables, etc.) must be clear and legible. Place them as close as possible to where they are referenced in the paper and number them consecutively (e. g. Figure 1, Figure 2, etc., and Table 1, Table 2).

A descriptive caption, including figure or table number, should be placed directly below the illustration (see Figure 1).


References should be cited in the text by placing Arabic numerals in brackets [1] immediately after the relevant statement or cited author’s name. References should be numbered consecutively. Provide full reference at first citation. In all following citations give the author’s name followed by “op. cit.“, followed by the number of the page from which the citation was taken or range of pages if a greater part of the work was commented.

List all the references at the end of the paper. All references in the list must be cited in the paper. Several examples of references a listed below:

Publication containing one, two or three authors:

McGarry, Kevin. The changing context of information : an introductory analysis. 2nd ed. London : Library Association Publishing, 1993.

  1. Crawford, Walt; Michael Gorman. Future libraries : dreams, madness & reality. Chicago ; London : American Library Association, 1995.
  2. Beaudiquez, Marcelle; Francoise Bourdon; Sonia Zilhard. Management and use of name authority files – personal names, corporate bodies and uniform titles : evaluation and prospects. München : K. G. Saur, 1991.

Publication containing four or more authors:

Key papers in information science / ed. by Belver C. Griffith. White Plains : Knowledge Industry Publications, 1980.

Article published in a journal or proceedings:

  1. Davies, Eric. Learn by wire : managing network access to learning materials. // The electronic library 15, 3(1997), 205-214.
  2. Capurro, Rafael. What is information science for? : a philosophical reflection. // Conceptions of library and information science : historical,
  3. Empirical and theoretical perspectives / ed. by Pertti Vakkari and Blaise Cronin. London : Taylor Graham, 1992. pp. 82-96.

Article published online:

  1. International Institute for Electronic Library Research : the ELINOR Project [cited: 1999-05-11]. Available at:
  2. Political and religious leaders support Palestinian sovereignty over Jerusalem. // Eye on the negotiations. Palestine Liberation Organization, Negotiations Affairs Department, 29 August 2000 [cited: 2002-08-15]. Available at:
  3. Manzo, K. K. Libraries seeking updated role as learning center [cited: 2002-04-15]. // Education week 16, 30(1997). Available at: http://

Article published in print and online:

Barbarić, Ana. Povijesni pregled razvoja OPAC-a. // Vjesnik bibliotekara Hrvatske 46, 3/4(2003), 48-58. Also available at: [cited: 2005-04-05].

Paper submission guidelines

Paper submission guidelines can be downloaded here.